Thursday, November 15, 2007

And the winners are...

of my most recent contest....(yes, my kids are wearing their Halloween costumes again, lol)

(2 winners): FREE DisneyWorld Gift, worth $10+ with free shipping

Jenn L.
Pam C.

(2 winners): FREE DisneyWorld gift, worth $7+ with free shipping

Melisa K.
Michelle D.

(2 winners): FREE $5 gift certificate to Starbucks...for the mommies or daddies that need thir own holiday cheer :)

Sara B.
Elizabeth B.

Plus, I drew 2 names myself for FREE surprise lounge pant winners for late winter/early spring...these will not be made until December, when we get back from the T-day holidays, but I drew these 2 names from people who have won auctions from me since January 2007...

Tonya G.

congrats to all the winners...if you have not heard from me via email...I will be contacting you soon!!

all the best,

Customer Pic Share #2 :)

Oh wow!! We just love these pics of Katelyn and her sweet puppy in their matching hoodie dresses!! Thank you Missy for the beautiful picture of Katelyn and also of her puppy. The bows are the perfect finishing touch - precious!!


Customer Pic Share #1 :)

This sweet doll is one of my youngest babybluebonnets models ever!! Isn't sweet a sweetheart?? Her name is Jordyn and her mommy April says, "she was born Oct.25th and was 9.6Lbs, so she filled it out nicely, lol.."

We think she's gorgeous!! Thanks for the pic April!!!!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Crochet...capes, hats, and more...oh my!

Becky of LullabyLamb made this adorable Cape for Caterina, that she can wear for Christmas AND Valentine's Day!!! We love her hats and can't wait to get this cape!! This is a sneak-peak of an ultra-princess cape!!!

Perfect for a princess!!!

She's making hats for Caterina and Clyde Austin, too, so we are sooooo excited!!!


My Son...wanting his picture taken, too

At almost 3 1/2 years, my son is a Mr. Fix-It...also loves older gals (1/2 year to 2 years older than him, lol), VERY-princess type ;) Thinks his 5 year-old princess sister might have 1/3 hung the moon, maybe mommy the rest of the absolute tons of hugs with pats on your back as he hugs...he's a sweetheart.

Wants his mommy to do more brother/sister sets because he loves the camera, lol...

a picture amongst his sister's last shoot...

hugs from Clyde Austin...