Sunday, June 15, 2008

RAH -t- DAH! Catie goes to the DCC camp

Fun, fun, fun under the hot Texas sun!

Since daddy had work-education courses to complete most of this last week in Dallas, I took the opportunity to take Catie to an absolutely unique opportunity to cheer, dance, and do crafts with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! It was either that, be stuck in a hotel room, drive all over Dallas for 3 days to different things, or go shopping all day, every day, lol, so I gave Catie the choice and you know now what she chose...

For those of y'all who don't know, I grew up about 20 minutes south of downtown my elementary to high school years, it really wasn't a suburb of Dallas. Now, my hometown, where I was born and reared for 18 years of my life - is really getting close to a suburb of Dallas. Maybe in the next 5-10 years, it definitely will be. Wow - progress, huh?

So, gotta love those Cowboys and their cheerleaders!!!

I gotta say - these ladies are absolutely so classy and sweethearts!

will update more soon...

in the meantime...

The Best Pics from DCC Camp, including Cheerleader Pics and Pics of Catie and Austin with the Cheerleaders after the camp :)

Out and About in North Dallas area

We just recently went up to Dallas this past week so my hubby could complete some of his continuing education credits. On the last day, my sister and I stumbled upon a wonderful deli called "Hanging Out" - such fresh an wonderful food!! We were almost done with our sandwhiches when we saw the desert menu...a little pg-13, but kinda funny...

CLICK THE PIC to see the menu up close...

hope I don't offend anyone ;)


Sharing birthday pics 6 weeks late, lol

Everything has been crazy since the first of May in our house, so six weeks after our birthday, I can finally share pics of Catie and my b'day cake. We only put 6 candles on the cake - the rule is since I had Catie on my 30th b-day, that I get the same number of candles as she does (since I'm 36). I really love the cake Catie picked this year for us, lol..

I hope to catch-up on a lot of things today and the next few days, so a bombardment of posts?? :)

hope everyone is well!!