Thursday, August 30, 2007

A few pics from our vacation earlier this month...

Clyde Austin, my youngest at 3, is really not into Princess meetings anymore. On our last trip, he didn't mind "meeting" them. But on this trip, he hid under the table at our character breakfast with the princesses. He wanted NOTHING to do with them. Tigger (and Pooh's friends) - he loved! And of course he had a blast in Woody's Round-Up (pic above) and at the pirate-themed things. My baby is becoming a full-fledged

Catie, on the other hand, is still favoring anything princess. She had a good time with Pooh and friends, and even the Woody's Round-Up, but still prefers anything with crowns, fancy gowns, and fairytales.

Both kids, on the way back to Texas, got a chance to see the Gulf/beach for the first time. We stayed at a wonderful place in Pensacola Beach, FL for one night and I have to say, I loved that hotel - one of the bests I've ever stayed at! The kids loved every minute and collected seashells. Sadly, we were only there for one night.


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