Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's Get This Blog Going :D

My mother and husband would be happy to see I've started a blog...they'd like for me to write more. Actually, they'd both really like for me to finish one of my lingering novels that have been untouched since my children were born.

You see - I have boxes and boxes, and files and files (gosh knows where they are on which computer as they span over 15 years of just computer entries) of writings. Of course, if I were to review those writings, I'd probably think most are rubbish. Written rubbish is sometimes better than unwritten masterpieces though, right?

Some I remember are humorous - like musings from my last two years in high school. You see, I'd write little 2 and 3 sentence snipets, thinking perhaps someday I'd have a Ben Franklin-like publication for the 21st century. The last time I read those musings, I literally laughed outloud. It's one of those things where you actually say outloud to yourself, "What were you thinking?" Well - you can imagine how insightful a junior in high school, who had never lived in a town over 15,000 and had pretty much, by choice, spent many Friday nights playing Yatzee or other board games with her best friend and mom. (Oh gosh - that's not to say I didn't on ocassion, do the normal teenage things...and yes, I snuck out a few times growing up until my dad caught me one night...oh, now that's a story...never snuck out again). But, back to my amusing musings...They're really more humorous than anything.

And now I have on my mind two funny stories growing up that involved my dad. And I want to tell about that last night I ever snuck involves several porcelin dolls, a dog, a pillow, and a mom and sister who were out of town. Ok, I threw in that last part as filler, my mom and sister are only involved in the story so far as it was their living the town that precipitated the event.

Then, there was the night my best friend and I left town on a Friday night when we weren't supposed to leave the city limits (see - I told you I didn't always stay home and play Yatzee :D ). Let's just say things didn't go as planned that night either. I don't think my high school best friend had laughed that hard ever. Yes, it was at me and my luck....but, I can't say it all now, can I?

When my birthday comes around every year, it's about that time that I realized I didn't get my first novel published by that year. Until I hit 32, I always just readjusted it another year - I mean even John Grisholm didn't get his first novel published until he was 32 or 33, right? And look what he's become in the last 15 years!! I make high aspirations of writing just five pages a day. That doesn't sound like a lot, does it?? Not at all! But, the sad part comes when you realize that if you only write ONE page a day, you pretty much could write one novel a'd have 365 pages!

Stephen King once wrote a short article stating that no matter what and no matter how long it takes, he writes 10 pages a day, even if all but one sentence is rubbish. He has trained himself to start at the same time everyday and has no endpoint. Some days he finishes the ten pages in an hour and some days it takes 3 hours. But, he makes himself write the 10 pages. Walk past the Ks in the fiction section of the library and you pretty much know his philosophy works.

So why can't I write one page a day?? lol

Maybe writing in this blog will get me to start writing again and finish that murder thriller book I've got calling me to finish it....


The Piper is Down... said...

I still think that Chevy Blazer was in league with your dad :D

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