Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Winners of the mid-June Prize contest

Sorry I'm late posting this - the winners have all been notified a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now posting the winners ;)

Originally, I was going to select 2 winners, but decided to up the number to 4 so that my kids could pick two names each. :D Well, after my son picked his first draw, he ran around the house like a chicken - super-excited and like it was a golden prize, lol. We couldn't get him to come back. My daughter had already drawn her 2 names and I couldn't get him to pick another, so I picked the 4th name. Then, he decided to come back, lol. Of course, he saw his sister had 2 names and insisted on his having 2. So, I let him draw another! Needless to say - there were FIVE (5) winners!!!

Each winner gets a FREE pair of custom lounge pants or $10 gift certificate to any Babybluebonnets Boutique purchase. The five winners are, in no order:



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