Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Now this was a yummy meal!

Can you believe this meal is lo-fat, low-cal? It is!

If you have a Randalls or Safeway near you, you can pick up the first one in the frozen section. It's an "Eating Right" selection (the shrimp, broccoli, etc one that you stir-fry)...you can learn more about it here:
Eating Right Info

We've made this a couple of times with rice on the side and this last time we made it, we made it with a Weight Watchers veggie stir-fry that's only ONE point! We altered the recipe slightly because we didn't have walnuts on hand. The original recipe uses cooking spray, sesame oil, broccoli, and walnuts. We used cooking spary, sesame oil, broccoli, pecan halves, and added carrots. YUMMY YUMMY!!! I like the original receipe and our alteration :) If anyone would like the recipe, jlmk!!!

happy and healthy eating,

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