Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sharing Some Watercolors Catie made

I thought I'd share some watercolors that Catie made about 11 months ago right after she turned 5...these are some of my favorites!!! I meant to post them earlier, but I've so been neglecting my blog :( Her 6th birthday is coming up soon, so I'm getting a little sentimental about my baby growing up :(

I'm so sentimental, but I just love these :) :)

Can you guess who all of these pics are??? Go ahead...I'll give a special prize to Starbucks (a latte on me ;) ) for the first person who guesses all correctly ;)


MyGirl*Elle Photography said...


little mermaid

veggie tales

fiona from shrek

A mouse from An AMerican Tail

Anjanette said...

LOL - I think you're probably right. I know you got the first 3 right and I wasn't sure on the last one. I asked Catie and she can't totally remember, lol. She knew the other ones ;). So close enough...good job!!!

I'll snag a Starbucks gift certifcate for you the next time I'm there!!! a Latte on me ;)